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Transformer Bobbin

Transformer Bobbin / Coil Bobbin

Best Products is one of India’s leading producers of custom bobbins for transformers. We have created a complete family of related bobbins for new and existing component lines for many of our customers. Our vast years of experience, unirvaled quality, and quick turnaround times are just the beginning. Read more about our custom moulding capabilities here.

Best Product's Transformer Bobbin is Designed and Manufactured in house at our facilities located in Noida of the Delhi/ NCR Region.

Main Features of our Transformer Bobbins / Coils

  • High Quality Raw Material always used, FR and V0 available. (Flame retardant Levels) .
  • Thicker walls for maximum resistance.
  • Increased mechanical resistance, better electrical isolation and higher resistance for high temperatures.
  • Competitive prices.